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Use a Room at the Oakland Public Library...

The Oakland Public Library provides rooms for use by residents and local non-profit organizations free of charge.

For-profit organizations (including tutors) and non-profit organizations NOT based in Oakland, NJ may rent these spaces for a fee as outlined in our fee schedule.

Please read our Library Policies as well as the Oakland Public Library Room Use Rules and Procedures form before requesting a room.

A room use application form can be obtained by clicking HERE.

Forms can be printed and mailed/dropped off, or email to:

The Board Room

The Board Room can serve as an excellent space for meetings and presentations. It has a max capacity of 10 people and a smart TV ready to be utilized.

The Maker Space

The Maker Space is an all-purpose room dedicated to crafting and hobby work, and can also be used as a classroom with a max capacity of 25. It’s ideal for any activity that might be messy.

The Community Room

The Community Room is our largest room and ideal if you are having a big event. This room has 2 entrances, and can be set up in a lecture or classroom style. There is a smart TV for presenters to use, and we have a portable microphone system you can use here as well. This room has click-and-share technology so you can share your device’s screen with the large screen TV. The maximum capacity for this room is 75 adults.

The Quiet Study Room

The Quiet Study room is a perfect place to concentrate and focus on the task at hand in a tranquil setting. 

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