Board of Trustees at the Oakland Public Library

The Oakland Public Library Board of Trustees is responsible for setting overall policy and for overseeing the finances of the library so the library can fulfill its mission and porvide excellent service to the community.

The Board is composed of five trustees who are appointed by the Mayor of the Borough of Oakland for 5-year terms and two ex-officio members - The Superintendent of Schools and the Mayor.

2017 Trustees at the Oakland Public Library

Kilday, Teresa Treasurer 2016
Levine, Ronne President 2016
Matts, Jennifer Vice President 2016
Peterson, Geri   2017
Vallone, Marilyn Secretary 2016


Ex-Officio Members of the Board

Schwager, Linda Mayor
Russo, Anne Mayor's Delegate
Coffaro, Dr. Gina Superintendent
Christiano, Jaqueline Superintendent's Delegate


2017 Board Meeting Dates

Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month except if noted. Meetings start at 7:00 pm at the library (in the staff room) and are open to the public.

Thursday, January 12th @ 7pm
Thursday, February 9th @ 7pm
Thursday, March 9th @ 7pm
Thursday, April 13th @ 7pm
Thursday, May 11th @ 7pm
Thursday, June 8th @ 7pm
Thursday, July 13th @ 7pm
Thursday, September 14th @ 7pm
Thursday, October 12th @ 7pm
Thursday, November 9th @ 7pm

Minutes are available upon request with a fee of $15 per copy or you can download them below.


Board Minutes 2013

January 2013 February 2013 March 2013 April 2013
May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 August 2013
September 2013 October 2013 November 2013 December 2013


Board Minutes 2014

January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 April 2014
May 2014 June 2014 July 2014 August 2014
September 2014 October 2014 November 2014 December 2014


Board Minutes 2015

January 2015 February 2015 March 2015 April 2015
May 2015 June 2015 July 2015 August 2015
September 2015 October 2015 November 2015 December 2015


Board Minutes 2016

January 2016 February 2016 April 2016 May 2016
June 2016 July 2016 September 2016




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